September 4, 2008

Test Drive: Google Chrome

Test Drive: Google Chrome
Vendor: Google Inc
Type: Internet Browser
Platform: Windows XP/Vista (More coming soon, according to Google)
Download Link: Google
Rating: 5/5

(Test drives are the reviews that I'm doing while I'm installing and testing the product."

I just downloaded Google Chrome off Google, and scanned it with KIS 2009 (Review on KIS coming soon.) No viruses.The application itself is a surprising 474 KB. I'm going through a fairly simple setup right now, it's actually downloading Google Chrome through the installer, so actually the installer isn't 474. It's just the downloader.

It's done now. What I like about Google Chrome is the Vista-like interface but it's speedily... Actions.

It has a clean user interface (Which I really like) and by clean, I mean, it is really "clean". There's mostly light colors like white and blue and is really easy on users. (Especially newer users. They would like it. It's very user friendly.)
It loads the websites that you have been to really fast. I think I'm going to use Google Chrome over Firefox now.

And Google's Chrome browser is up and beyond today's limits. It is faster, each tab is in a sandbox so that if one crashes the whole browser does not crash, has a private browsing option (Google Chrome calls it Incognito window)

It also includes a "most visted website" feature which appears when you open a new tab. I think that it's quite cool how it does that, because it's quite good for statistics and also for recording the websites that you usually go to for fun.

The controls are mostly like Firefox: Ctrl D opens up the bookmark option, etc.

One big difference is that when you click on a text box a yellow border appears. Probably it's because it's very user friendly and sometimes people forget which text box they type in when they are logging in and might accidentally type their password in the username area and thus, exposing their passwords to bystanders.

One bad thing about Google Chrome is that it will take your information (IP address, things you type into the browser URL bar) and send it back to Google so they can analyze it. If you don't mind this privacy issue, then go ahead and use Chrome.

-Byzone Founder and Contributing Author


Leez-Shadowing said...

Quite good, but where's the link

FyreVortex said...

Thanks Leez. Link to what? The download?

Robert F. Crocker said...

Thanks Quite good, but where's the link? The download? Mobile Phone Call Recording Software