April 28, 2008


Hey Guys,
Check out the MillionBloglist. This is a cool experiment to see how long it takes to put a million links to blogs on this website. Go and submit your blog there. :) (This is in Wiki format so you can add/edit your/the page. Just don't vandalize it though.)

-Byzone Founder and Contributing Author

April 26, 2008

Service Review-Piczo

Service Review-Piczo
Type: Free
Platform: Should work on all Platforms that have a browser and internet connectivity.
Format: Browser Based/Javascript
Notes: May need flash, javascript plugins and cookies enabled to use/view this site/service.
URL: www.piczo.com

Piczo was one of the first websites that I used a couple of years ago to build my first website. This website is quite good for beginner bloggers and website makers, but this is not flexible enough. It is moderately hard to organize but beginners will find it really easy to use because each section of the website can be moved to anywhere onto the website.

This website has a good community and there are extras such as a button where you could rate the Piczo site that you are at, built in hit counters, and more.

The design has been upgraded since the last time I used it and is quite pleasant to use if you are a beginner.

The web builder features a text based window where you can add functions to the website and supports some HTML and Javascript.

Unfortunately unlike Blogger, this does not have a RSS feed system so bloggers may like to steer away from this.

The good thing about this service is that it has a simple picture upload area and you can easily make your own albums online and share it with your friends and family.

-Byzone Founder and CEO

April 25, 2008

Minor Updates/Adjustments

I'm currently using the time today to make some minor adjustments to the website and fixing some dead links that I just found. The Tribal Wars review is currently on hold right now because Lucario, a Tribal Wars player is currently busy and so is Leez Shadowing. I'll be posting other tech-related subjects instead.

-Byzone Founder and Contributing Author

April 23, 2008

Game Review-Travian

Game Review-Travian
Type: Free
Platform: Works on all Platforms that have a browser and internet connectivity.
Format: Browser based/Javascript.
Notes: Needs Javascript and cookies enabled to play.
URL: www.travian.com

Travian is a browser based RTS (Real Time Strategy) game online. This game can be reached through this link. It is a lightweight yet interesting and stunning graphics for such a fast loading online game (RTS).

Byzone invites RTS "Specialist" Leez Shadowing for a talk about Travian.

"Hello LeezShadows, what was your first impression of Travian?"
LeezShadows says: "Well, Travian was a simple impressive game," "The gameplay was quite good but the graphics could be improved."

FyreVortex then asked: "What do you think about Travian's overall loading speed? After all, Byzone considers Travian as one of the lightweight online browser RTSes."
"It's quite fast but it's a bit slow in loading." Says LeezShadowing. "It can be improved by downloading a graphic pack onto your computer and loading graphics through that instead. By doing that, it'll boost the speed up."

We then talked about the gameplay. "Yes, it's very good for business people who are bored," Leez chats, "The buildings will build by themselves and the resources will drain in even if you're logged off."

Well, we've taken enough time from LeezShadowing the RTS "Specialist" now.

Travian, overall is a good game if you want a simple but straight forward game and fast loading graphics, but if you want to start wars "early", then you should read our next Byzone Game Review... Tribal Wars.

This is from FyreVortex, Byzone Founder and Contributing Author.

April 22, 2008

Game Review-N Ninja

Game Review-N Ninja
Type: Free
Platform: Windows XP (Tested on SP2). There are versions for Windows Vista and Mac OS X Leopard.
Format: Online-Flash

N The Way of The Ninja (Usually called N Ninja, N, N The Ninja, ...) is a simple, yet mind puzzling and strategy game. This game uses basic platforms but do not be fooled... These are not easy (Unless... 1)You're a Pro 2)You cheat 3)You use the "Practice Mode", which lets you skip levels.) levels...

The story starts like this: (I'm going to summarize it for you) A Ninja is following the way of N and each episode it has a certain amount of lifespan. It's ultimate goal is to reincarnate and beat past all the episodes...

... Well, that's my summary of the story. You can download N The Way of the Ninja here.

(This link should work, but to take some precautions, please have your antivirus and antispyware turned on.)

-Byzone Founder and Author

April 21, 2008

Game Review-Air Assault

Game Review-Air Assault
Type: Free

Air Assault is a captivating game where you can pilot a helicopter and go on missions. You have the option to either play solo or go in co-op mode with your friends. (Co-Op may go slow and lag for some computers that have low tech specs.)

As you go between the levels you can unlock special helicopters, missiles, and even more! You can download it at GameTop.com.

-Byzone Founder and Author

April 20, 2008

Save XP!

As everyone heard, XP will be cutting off support soon. The old, stable and reliable version of Windows XP (... Xuper Portable?) will going down because Microsoft will not be offering support anymore...

If you want to Save XP and try helping, click this link.

-Byzone Founder and Author

Wuala-"Unlimited Storage Space"

Wuala is a new service that allows you to share things online for free. You could share it to friends, your family members, colleagues, ... Sounds good, doesn't it? Files, Music, Videos, Games, and more! Unfortunately, as always, offers may not be what it seems.

You get 1 Gibabyte of storage for free, but then if you want to continue sharing... You have to "donate" some space from your own hard drive... But then you also get to use part of the other Wuala users' hard drives... So it's "shared"...

It's kind of like the service that Torrent and Limewire uses. But Wuala splits the file you are sharing into 500+ pieces and they are sent to thousands of other user's hard drives. It's easy to download something off, because plenty of users have that file and they all send... Well, the service sends the pieces of file to you.

Obviously, your computer has to be online often, so the Wuala community "rewards" the user with more storage space.

There are also privacy options and you can choose to whether you want to private it, who you want to share it with, and so on.

If you want to check the it out go to this link. Wuala. Also, the files are encrypted so you won't have to worry about it.

-Byzone Founder and Byzone Author