April 22, 2008

Game Review-N Ninja

Game Review-N Ninja
Type: Free
Platform: Windows XP (Tested on SP2). There are versions for Windows Vista and Mac OS X Leopard.
Format: Online-Flash

N The Way of The Ninja (Usually called N Ninja, N, N The Ninja, ...) is a simple, yet mind puzzling and strategy game. This game uses basic platforms but do not be fooled... These are not easy (Unless... 1)You're a Pro 2)You cheat 3)You use the "Practice Mode", which lets you skip levels.) levels...

The story starts like this: (I'm going to summarize it for you) A Ninja is following the way of N and each episode it has a certain amount of lifespan. It's ultimate goal is to reincarnate and beat past all the episodes...

... Well, that's my summary of the story. You can download N The Way of the Ninja here.

(This link should work, but to take some precautions, please have your antivirus and antispyware turned on.)

-Byzone Founder and Author

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Addicting Games said...

I never played this game before, but from your review it looks like a very interesting games! Not to mention it's a Free Games^^ anyway nice blog! Keep on posting.