April 26, 2008

Service Review-Piczo

Service Review-Piczo
Type: Free
Platform: Should work on all Platforms that have a browser and internet connectivity.
Format: Browser Based/Javascript
Notes: May need flash, javascript plugins and cookies enabled to use/view this site/service.
URL: www.piczo.com

Piczo was one of the first websites that I used a couple of years ago to build my first website. This website is quite good for beginner bloggers and website makers, but this is not flexible enough. It is moderately hard to organize but beginners will find it really easy to use because each section of the website can be moved to anywhere onto the website.

This website has a good community and there are extras such as a button where you could rate the Piczo site that you are at, built in hit counters, and more.

The design has been upgraded since the last time I used it and is quite pleasant to use if you are a beginner.

The web builder features a text based window where you can add functions to the website and supports some HTML and Javascript.

Unfortunately unlike Blogger, this does not have a RSS feed system so bloggers may like to steer away from this.

The good thing about this service is that it has a simple picture upload area and you can easily make your own albums online and share it with your friends and family.

-Byzone Founder and CEO

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