October 13, 2008

Paint programs for Mac

I have been wondering for a while: Why doesn't iLife '08 come with a paint program? Well, unfortunately it doesn't, although I hope it does come out in iLife '09, but for now, there are no guarantees, and probably not even a whisper of it.

I have found two FREE programs: Pixen and Paintbrush. Is Pixen for the people who want to just draw and mess around? No. Pixen is for pixel painters who paint pixel by pixel. It is hard, trust me. It took a while for me to highlight my profile picture in Blogger. People who are looking for Microsoft Paint alternatives are recommended to use Paintbrush. Otherwise you'd have a headache if you are not experienced and use Pixen.

-Byzone Founder and Contributing Author

(Why have I done this post? First, I couldn't resist doing a post, second, I am not sure that I will be converting my blog to a fully hosted Wordpress host... Right now. While I am sure that I will get a Wordpress blog in the near future, I don't know if I will also move Byzone to it. Wordpress seems an awesome alternative to Blogger, but unfortunately that will mean that I will have to convert the Byzone posts to Wordpress, or leave all the posts behind and start a new blog. I will first experiment Wordpress with my personal blog, THEN if it I like it, I will be moving to the Wordpress host. Sorry guys.)

October 6, 2008

Moving to Wordpress

Byzone will be moving to a hosted Wordpress soon. The whole page will be redesigned, but content won't be moved... Well, if there is an option for it, I'll do it.

I hope everything will be all right during the move. We may not move, but moving to Wordpress is being considered right now.

http://byzone.blogspot.com will still be live though, for people wanting to see the old version of Byzone.

-Byzone Founder and Contributing Author