June 25, 2008

MobileMe... The Next Generation Of Online Services.

Wow... From .Mac (Dot Mac), a beginning online service that basic things (Well basic, compared to MobileMe), now upgraded to MobileMe!

This is a revolutionary new service (The best offer I have ever seen before for this type of service... Well, this is the only service of this kind I have seen so far...) created by... *Drum Rolls* Apple!!!

Email, contacts, calendar, applications, files, all located on your technology-Windows, Mac, iPod Touch, iPhone.

You got all your mail from the two different operating system synced together:
Microsoft Outlook, on Windows, and Mail, on Mac. The mail function, the calendar, and the address book, both in Mac OS X and your iPod Touch/iPhone.

And the applications from .Mac (Excluding the bookmark function) are also included in the MobileMe service. Mail, with a redesigned interface online, calendar, address book, photo sharing, and iDisk.

"It's your desktop on the Web."-Apple.Com
"Safe. Secure. And no spam."-Apple.Com says, commenting on the Mail feature.
"Your personal hard drive online."-Apple.Com

I think this will be an excellent service, and I look forward to using it.

(This doesn't count as a review because I haven't used it yet... Hopefully, I will though. :D)

All pictures are from Apple.Com.

-Fyre Vortex
-Byzone Founder and Contributing Editor

June 24, 2008

The Intel Chip... For Macintosh.

Wow, that's a really awesome video/advertisement created by Apple... :)

June 13, 2008

Snow Leopard: More News

From what I heard, Snow Leopard seems to improve the current speed of Macs that currently have an Intel processor.

Security fixes will be included, nothing graphical... (Well, not much...)

And did I see up to 16 Terrabytes of RAM on the Apple Snow Leopard page?! Wow?

-Byzone Founder and Contributing Author

June 11, 2008

iPhone 3G

Ever heard of the new iPhone 3G? New GPS, thinner, slimmer, and compatible with the new and reborn .Mac (Dot Mac Suite) service... MobileMe.

MobileMe is .Mac, but will be competing against Windows Live Mesh (That's the name, I think)... I think MobileMe will be more successful... People who currently have and are using the .Mac service will be "upgraded" for free to the MobileMe service.

The iPhone 3G comes in black or white, a new look, and a cheaper price.

-Contributing Author of Byzone

June 10, 2008

Snow Leopard?

Snow Leopard? Wuzzat, you might say? Well, I say... It's probably going to be the next version of OSX, or maybe, a major upgrade. Muajajaja, Microsoft! (Quote taken from a friend, who happens to hate Apple.) (Picture from Apple.)

The disc looks awesome... The new version of OSX (Or the major upgrade) sounds so good that I might cancel my thoughts to buy a new laptop and wait a few years... Well, maybe... Just maybe...

Well, I can't wait for it... Can you?

I'm hoping that all Macs in the store right now will be able to run "Snow Leopard"... Muajajaja.

-Contributing Author of Byzone