June 10, 2008

Snow Leopard?

Snow Leopard? Wuzzat, you might say? Well, I say... It's probably going to be the next version of OSX, or maybe, a major upgrade. Muajajaja, Microsoft! (Quote taken from a friend, who happens to hate Apple.) (Picture from Apple.)

The disc looks awesome... The new version of OSX (Or the major upgrade) sounds so good that I might cancel my thoughts to buy a new laptop and wait a few years... Well, maybe... Just maybe...

Well, I can't wait for it... Can you?

I'm hoping that all Macs in the store right now will be able to run "Snow Leopard"... Muajajaja.

-Contributing Author of Byzone


vzybilly said...

hey FyreVortex, email me vzybilly@gmail.com

FyreVortex said...

Hey Vzy! Nice to see you here. Glad to see you come.

I'll e-mail you later.