June 25, 2008

MobileMe... The Next Generation Of Online Services.

Wow... From .Mac (Dot Mac), a beginning online service that basic things (Well basic, compared to MobileMe), now upgraded to MobileMe!

This is a revolutionary new service (The best offer I have ever seen before for this type of service... Well, this is the only service of this kind I have seen so far...) created by... *Drum Rolls* Apple!!!

Email, contacts, calendar, applications, files, all located on your technology-Windows, Mac, iPod Touch, iPhone.

You got all your mail from the two different operating system synced together:
Microsoft Outlook, on Windows, and Mail, on Mac. The mail function, the calendar, and the address book, both in Mac OS X and your iPod Touch/iPhone.

And the applications from .Mac (Excluding the bookmark function) are also included in the MobileMe service. Mail, with a redesigned interface online, calendar, address book, photo sharing, and iDisk.

"It's your desktop on the Web."-Apple.Com
"Safe. Secure. And no spam."-Apple.Com says, commenting on the Mail feature.
"Your personal hard drive online."-Apple.Com

I think this will be an excellent service, and I look forward to using it.

(This doesn't count as a review because I haven't used it yet... Hopefully, I will though. :D)

All pictures are from Apple.Com.

-Fyre Vortex
-Byzone Founder and Contributing Editor

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