August 19, 2008

Product Review-Speed Download Lite

Product Review-Speed Download Lite
Vendor: Yazsoft
Type: Downloader/Shareware
Platform: Mac OS X Tiger+
Download Link: Free-AV.Com
Rating: 5/5

Speed Download Lite for Mac Review

I particularly like this downloader since it had a clean, and as some people would call it, a "mac-like" interface.

I was downloading a trial of iWork using Safari (3)'s integrated download manager an first of all, it went from 55kbps down to 3kbps (Yes, my Internet is horrible, I'm planning of switching it.)

I then closed the lid of my MacBook, and then I re-opened it, thinking that it would resumed normally, and when I resumed, it went back to 0%.

So then I searched around for a good downloader for Mac an found Speed Download Lite.

I downloaded it and tried to use it to download the iWork trial. So far I'm very satisfied, with it buzzing at 11.3kbps. (Probably it has to do with the weather/summer?)

It has enough options and can be bought for $25 at the time of writing.

If you wanted to buy a good downloaded for Mac, and could spare $25, then this is what you should buy.

(The support is great! I once contacted customer service through email and they replied very fast, almost instantaneously.)

-Byzone Founder and Contributing Author

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