September 13, 2008

Product Review-Bandwidth Monitor

Product Review-Bandwidth Monitor
Type: Networking Tool
Platform: Windows XP/Vista (Tested on XP)
Download Link:
Rating: 4.5/5

I originally scoured the web looking for a bandwidth monitor to see how much MB I use while using the internet every day and found different ones, and I looked at reviews and other things.

I finally picked Bandwidth Monitor and downloaded it. The interface is acceptable although it can be made better (I have no idea how it can be improved, but I just think it can be.) It also logs down how much you download and upload in MB (I am not torrenting. I am downloading LEGAL wallpapers, fonts, ...) and using the internet to browse, game, ...

I think it is ok and you should be using it. And if you're wondering what is my internet usage for today, here is the statistics: Downloaded: 622.51 MB. Uploaded: 973.03 MB. I have no idea how uploaded is higher than downloaded. Probably my backup software. (Review may be coming soon.)

-Byzone Founder and Contributing Author

I am also going to ad new tags for product reviews. Coming soon.

(Note from editor: Hello guys, this is going to be my last positive review for now until it is noted in my blog, FyreWhirl. There is something really bad going on... Sorry again. I spared enough "light energy" (or other known as normalness to you) for this post. )

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