September 24, 2008

Mac Mini-A Quick Glance

I'm going to do a Quick Glance again, and since I don't have a Mac Mini, I can't do a full review. Although I have seen some videos though, and I might embed it here tommroow.

The Mac Mini is currently the cheapest, LEGAL, Mac right now. The dimensions of it is really small... It's 6.5 times 6.5 times 2. The specs are quite good for a cheap Mac, and affordable for people who don't want to buy an iMac.

The Mac Mini design is really good, because it is small but powerful enough for daily tasks such as sending email, doign spreadsheets, typing up homework, but is also capable of watching DVDs and making movies using iMovie.

This is a video from VvCompHelpvV for his unboxing of the Mac Mini.

The Mac Mini comes standard with iLife '08, the suite of software that Apple has decided to give out for free when you buy a new Mac. iLife '08 contains iWeb, a easy beginner website maker, iPhoto, a photo editor, iMovie, a video editor (Good for the novice user, and people who want to continue using iMovie '06 can download the upgrade from the Apple website), iDVD where you can watch videos and burn videos that you made with iMovie '08/'06 to a CD/DVD and then watch it on a TV or something like that, Garage Band, a music mixer/editor that comes with preset soundtracks, but it is also good for recording your own music.

It comes with an ethernet area, one FireWire port, one DVI/VGA port, FOUR USB ports, one security slot (Capable of using Kensington's security wire thing), headphone and speaker jack, and a line-in thingy, whatever it is.

It uses the standard Intel Core 2 Duo processor and comes in 1GB RAM for the lowest configuration and can be bumped up to 2 GB.

The good thing is that you can use your own mouse, keyboard, and screen that you are used to unless you don't want to, and has a really good design and can be stowed away if you want to.

I suggest you buy it if you want to test drive a mac at home, but if you really want to just have a quick glance and use of it, just go to your nearest Apple Store.

-Byzone Founder and Contributin Author

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