September 20, 2008

Sony Notebooks-A Quick Glance

I'm going to do a quick Sony Notebooks-A Quick Glance. No photos here, unfortunately, because this, of course, is a quick glance at what people might like.

Ok. I have picked out the 4 laptops people might buy if they have around a $1500-2000 budget. (Budget is not accurate, it's just a estimate from me.)

The Sony Z series. The business+basic home using laptop.
The Sony TZ series. The ultra portable business laptop.
The Sony AR series. The entertainment laptop.
The Sony ASR series. The All in One laptop.

Unfortunately, the AR has been kicked from the quick glance, due to the fact that it's purpose is not mainly for business/school users. AR is usually for video editors, web designers, entertainment (Watching videos, ...) users.

Ok, lets start off with the look and the price. The Z series combines an attractive power button from TZ and the use of AR. The prices are a combination of TZ and SR, starting at meagre $1799.99 for a good designed laptop.

We're going to put TZ out too, because of the price and the fact that not much stuff comes with the price.

The SR series laptop is kind of like the Z series but instead of having a HDMI port, it replaces it with a USB port. Both designs are kind of the same, and they both have the 6 hours standard battery life, but I prefer the Z series keyboard because the SR series keyboard is really dull: black on black, while Z series has black on silver.

SR series has more processor power and this so called unique switch mode, whatever it is, but Z series has more options such as blu-ray, solid state disk (SSD), and is lighter than SR.

I would prefer Z series because of the things I said above, although you can choose one of the laptops that I have chosen for this quick glance.

-Byzone Founder and Contributing Author

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